The Westchester County Historical Society’s library has a wide variety of primary and secondary sources on the history of the county and on all of the cities, towns and villages it comprises, as well as on the people who have lived in Westchester for the past 400 years. Among the many materials in the library are books, pamphlets, newspapers, manuscripts, works of art, photographs and ephemera. Presented here are samples from the collection, some chosen for their historic value and others for their visual interest.
Rye Deed
from Shanorock
to John Budd, 1661
Abraham Hyatt Military Commission, 1776
Underhill Hallock Marriage Certificate, 1784
John Jay Letter, 1794
North Salem Academy
Minute Book

Slave Manumission, 1806

Judge Caleb Tompkins' Appointment and Portrait, 1808

Hays Family Papers, 1813

White-Plains Gazette,

Guion Memorial Picture, ca. 1835

Zoological Institute Articles of Association, 1835
Dr. D. Jerome Sands' Record of Births, 1840-1852
Croton Aqueduct
Souvenir, 1842
McDonald Papers, 1844-1850
Polly Brundage Mead Diary, 1849-1850
Greenburgh Farm Journal, 1853-1876
Temporary Home for
Destitute Children, Admission/Discharge Records,
Alexander Graham Bell Letter, 1870
New Rochelle Principal's Black Book, 1871-1890
Underhill Vineyards Croton Adv., 1873
Glen Island
Advertising Card,
Pelham Manor Protective Club Records, 1881-1892
Crawbucky Tales, 1920
Lillian and Dorothy Gish Photograph, 1921
Amelia Earhart
Photograph, 1933