Pelham Manor Protective Club Records, 1881-1892
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In the years after the Civil War, population in Westchester grew, and with development came problems. Before it was incorporated in 1892, the residents of the village of Pelham Manor founded the Pelham Manor Protective Club as a means of working together for the good of their community. Nearly the entire adult male population of the area–52 local residents–subscribed as members.

The purpose of the club was "to assist the public authorities in maintaining law and order within a radius of one mile from Pelham Manor Depot...." The club raised money to fund its work, which included guarding against tramps, petty thieves, stray livestock and other local problems. The pages shown here are the title page, the articles of incorporation, and minutes from 1882 showing the club's dealings with Joseph and Edward Morgan, accused of housebreaking and other crimes.

The records of the club, which was disbanded once the village of Pelham Manor was incorporated, provide documentation of the development of local governments in Westchester County.

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Title Pelham Manor Protective Club Records, 1881-1892 Format Bound
Repository Westchester County Historical Society Number of Pages 13
Collection Manuscripts Dimensions 12" x 10"
Call Number Mss. Box 38 Transcription No
Creator Pelham Manor Protective Club jpeg File Name pelhamClub0-4/11/17/18/24-28.jpg, haysDiagram
Creation Date December 3, 1881-February 22, 1892 tif File Name pelhamClub0-4/11/17/18/24-28.tif

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