Greenburgh Farm Journal, 1853-1876
 Entire Record

This journal is the record of a local farmer’s activities over a 23-year period. While the farmer’s name is unknown, internal evidence such as people mentioned in the volume place the farm in Greenburgh, probably in Dobbs Ferry. The farmer kept a meticulous account of the crops he planted, harvested and sold, weather conditions, and other data concerning his activities. The pages shown here are his record for 1855. The diary is a valuable source of information about the primary livelihood of many Westchester residents in the mid-19th century.

Title Greenburgh Farm Journal, 1853-1876 Format Bound
Repository Westchester County Historical Society Number of Pages 34
Collection Manuscripts Dimensions 7" x 6"
Call Number Mss. Box 19 #4 Transcription No
Creator Unknown jpeg File Name gbFarmJournal98-132.jpg
Creation Date April 1853-April 1876 tif File Name gbFarmJournal98-132.tif

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