Slave Manumission, 1806
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While slavery in the North was never as prevalent as it was in the South, there were both African American and Native American slaves throughout the Northeastern states. Legislation passed in 1799 provided for the gradual manumission of slavery in New York State, and by 1827 the last slave had been freed in Westchester County. Documentation of slavery in Westchester is sparse, but some records do exist. On December 12, 1806, Aron Read of Bedford manumitted his slave Prince, and this was noted in the Bedford town records.

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Title Slave Manumission, Bedford, 1806 Format Unbound
Repository Westchester County Historical Society Number of Pages 1
Collection Manuscripts Dimensions 12" x 7"
Call Number Mss. Folder #364 Transcription No
Creator Aron Read jpeg File Name slaveManumission.jpg
Creation Date December 13, 1806 tif File Name slaveManumission.tif

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