Rye Deed From Shanorock to John Budd, 1661
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This deed is one of eight 17th-century land records for the town of Rye.  Dated November 11, 1661, it documents the purchase of land that is part of Rye by Englishmen then living in Connecticut from Shanorock, the local sachem, and other Native Americans living in the area. Beginning in 1660, John Budd, Peter Disbrow and others made a series of land purchases from the Native Americans that would eventually form Rye and Harrison.

Title Rye Deed From Shanorock to John Budd, 1661 Format Unbound
Repository Westchester County Historical Society Number of Pages 1
Collection Manuscripts Dimensions 9" x 7"
Call Number Mss. Box 1 #4 Transcription No
Creator Shanorock [Native American] jpeg File Name 1661ryeDeed.jpg
Creation Date November 5, 1661 tif File Name 1661ryeDeed.tif

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