New Rochelle Principal's Black Book, 1871-1890

Corporal punishment was not forbidden in Westchester public schools in the late 19th century, but there are very few extant documents relating to it. The Principal of New Rochelle School District No. 1 kept this record of pupil misbehavior and punishments meted out from 1871 until 1890. Students misbehaved in a variety of ways – by using profanity, fighting, playing truant, and refusing to obey teachers. Punishments included notes sent home to parents, suspension from school, whipping, and being struck on the hands by a rattan or hickory stick.

This record is also associated with:
City of New Rochelle

Title New Rochelle Principal's Black Book, 1871-1890 Format Bound
Repository Westchester County Historical Society Number of Pages 214 + index
Collection Manuscripts Dimensions 10" x 8"
Call Number Mss. Box 23 #5 Transcription Yes
Creator School District No. 1, New Rochelle jpeg File Name bb1-232.jpg
Creation Date 1871-1890 tif File Name bb1-232.tif

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