The manor of Scarsdale was established by Caleb Heathcote in 1701. Heathcote, who hailed from The Hundred of Scarsdale, Derbyshire, England, was granted the land in Westchester by the English crown. To protect it from being subsumed by neighboring communities, the Town of Scarsdale was incorporated as the Village of Scarsdale in 1916 with coterminous town and village boundaries.

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In addition to the records displayed here, documents, photographs and engineering drawings are exhibited on The Historic American Engineering Record of the Bronx River Parkway Reservation. A section of the parkway forms the village’s entire western border.


Note Signed by Caleb Heathcote,
ca. 1701
Deed from Patthunke, Beopo and Wapetuck,
Indian Proprietors, to Caleb Heathcote,
Feb. 24, 1702
Journal of the Commissioners of Partition, 1774

Scarsdale Certificate of Votes for Governor,
Lieut. Governor and Senator,
April 28, 1807

Judge Caleb Tompkins' Appointment
and Portrait, 1808

Appointment Letter from Daniel D. Tompkins,
April 30, 1814

Inhabitants of Scarsdale,
New York State Census,
Feb. 1892

Excerpts from the Final Report of the
Bronx River Valley Sewer Commission, 1896
Copy of the 1774 Heathcote Map, 1907

Scarsdale Suffrage & Civic Club Records,