Luigi Del Bianco's 1927 Petition
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Westchester County has been a destination or a stop along the way for thousands of immigrants entering the United States. One of these, Port Chester resident Luigi Del Bianco, a stone carver of the Mount Rushmore National Monument, petitioned for U.S. citizenship in Westchester County in 1927. As his petition and the accompanying certificate of arrival and declaration of intent illustrate, naturalization records can be rich with details of petitioners’ lives, documenting the waves of immigrants that have contributed to the diversity of our county. The collection of naturalization records held by the Westchester County Archives is indexed and available online for the years 1808-1927.

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Port Chester

Title Naturalization Petition of Luigi del Bianco Format Page from Bound Volume
Repository Westchester County Archives Number of Pages 4
Collection Series 11: Naturalization Petitions 1895-1986 Dimensions 10" x 14"
Call Number A-0019 (54) Transcription NA
Creator Westchester County Clerk jpeg File Name delBiancoDeclaration.jpg; delBiancoPetition1.jpg;
delBiancoPetition2.jpg; delBiancoCertificate.jpg
Creation Date Sept. 27, 1927 tif File Name delBiancoDeclaration.tif; delBiancoPetition1.tif;
delBiancoPetition2.tif; delBiancoCertificate.tif

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