In 1788 the official lines for the Town of Rye were set by the New York State legislature. The area then known as “Saw Pit” or “Saw Pits” or “Saw Pit Landing” eventually became Port Chester. The name was officially adopted in 1837. An important steamboat stop, Port Chester was known as “the eastern port of Westchester.” It was incorporated as a village within the Town of Rye in 1868. The township today also includes the incorporated Village of Rye Brook and the area of Mamaroneck known as Rye Neck.

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Dr. D. Jerome Sands' Record of Births,
Byram River Photographs,
1915 & 1938
Capitol Theater Interior, Photograph, 1926

Luigi Del Bianco's 1927 Petition

Life Savers Building Photograph, ca. 1950

Photographs of 1936
Works Progress Administration Murals
for Port Chester Post Office, 1997