Originally known as Underhill’s Crossing, the village of Bronxville took its new name in 1847 when the post office called Bronx was changed to Tuckahoe and the name became available. The name Bronx comes from the name of the first white settler in Westchester, Jonas Bronck. Bronck was born in Scandinavia and immigrated to the New World with his Dutch wife in 1638. Located in the Town of Eastchester, Bronxville was incorporated in 1898.

In addition to the records displayed here, documents, photographs and engineering drawings are exhibited on The Historic American Engineering Record of the Bronx River Parkway Reservation. A section of the parkway forms the village’s entire western border.

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Photograph of Will Low in
His Artist's Studio,

Records of the Hotel Gramatan,
1907-ca. 1964

Records of the Bronxville School,

Records of Bronxville Real Estate,

Records of Bronxville Pageant,
May 1909