Enumeration of St. Joseph's Home, Peekskill, NY, 1905
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Census records for Westchester provide important information for genealogists and social historians. This 1905 New York State census lists the children, whose parents were either deceased or could no longer care for them, and their caregivers at this Roman Catholic institution in Peekskill. The Westchester County Archives holds the New York State census records from 1905, 1915 and 1925. Unfortunately, these are the only state census records for Westchester that exist.

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Title Enumeration of St. Joseph's Home, Peekskill, NY Format Pages from Bound Volume
Repository Westchester County Archives Number of Pages 26
Collection Series 19, New York State Census Dimensions 12" x 17"
Call Number A-0026(1) Transcription No
Creator New York State jpeg File Name census1905NY1-26.jpg
Creation Date June 1, 1905 tif File Name census1905NY1-26.tif

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