Eastchester was settled in 1664, one of Westchester’s earliest communities. It then included parts of today’s north Bronx and all of Mount Vernon. In 1892 Mount Vernon became a city, and by 1898 the area south of Mount Vernon became part of the Bronx. Eastchester today includes two incorporated villages – Bronxville (1898) and Tuckahoe (1903) – as well as a large unincorporated area.

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Additional historical documents from the Town of Eastchester are displayed on Westchester County and the Civil War. Documents, photographs and engineering drawings are exhibited on The Historic American Engineering Record of the Bronx River Parkway Reservation. A section of the parkway forms the town’s entire western border.

Eastchester Covenant, 1665
Edward Pell's Nov. 7, 1787 Inventory
Anna Ward's Notebook, 1806

McDonald Papers, 1844-1850

Census of County of Westchester, 1845

Excerpts from the Final Report of the
Bronx River Valley Sewer Commission, 1896

Town Board Resolution Supporting
Creation of Bronx River Parkway Reservation,
Mar. 18, 1907