Beacon Hill Real Estate Brochure, ca. 1932
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Described as “parkway frontage for homes of moderate cost,” the Beacon Hill community consisted of 75 acres of wooded hillside that was the site of a Revolutionary War encampment. The sales brochure points out that Ardsley is located at an express stop of the New York Central Railroad, Putnam Division.

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Title Beacon Hill Real Estate Brochure,
ca. 1932
Format Brochure
Repository Ardsley Historical Society Number of Pages 1 (4 faces)
Collection   Dimensions 18" x 18"
Call Number   Transcription NA
Creator The Homeland Co., New York City jpeg File Name BeaconHill1-4.jpg
Creation Date ca. 1932 tif File Name BeaconHill1-4.tif

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