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At the bottom of the catalogue page, clicking on the code for the item's repository will link you with that agency's website, where you may find information regarding how to access the item in person rather than virtually and whom you may contact regarding that item and the entire collection.


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Westchester County Historical Society


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The Hudson River Museum


Library of Congress


National Archives and Records Administration


Our goal is to provide users with complete transcriptions for all manuscripts on this site that are not easily read. If other researchers have provided us with accurate typed copies of the text, we have used their transcriptions and credited their work. They will be found as units, easily reached from the thumbnails of the manuscript pages. If, however, our staff transcribed the handwritten document, it is provided next to the thumbnail of the same page. In every case, historical accuracy is a top priority, with the handwritten version copied precisely. This may mean that the text will include different forms of abbreviation, spelling and grammar than those used today.

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